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Dental Guards

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Dental guards are used to protect the teeth for a variety of reasons. Commonly, mouth guards are used for people who participate in sports, but night dental guards are also used for people who grind their teeth in their sleep. These dental guards protect the teeth from wear and have become very slim, are custom fit, and are easy to wear.

Better Technology, Better Fit

Recent improvements in technology have made dental guards easy to create and stronger than ever. First, we will make a mold of your teeth to ensure an exact fit. Then we will use thin plastic and shape the guards for a custom fit. For as long as your teeth are the same, (no breaks, or missing teeth) we can even make replacements should the dental guard get lost or misplaced. When the guards are on, it is very hard to notice them and our patients often report back that they are surprised at how easy they are to wear.


Dental night guard is the maintenance is super easy! When you take out the night dental guard in the morning – use your toothbrush and toothpaste to scrub it clean. Make sure to get into the cracks and crevices, rinse with water, and let air dry! Easy.


Just as traditional dental guard protect the teeth from the injuries of sports. Night dental guards protect the teeth from grinding as you sleep. Many people grind their teeth and over time this grinding will wear down the teeth, causing these teeth to be prone to infection, and ultimately, extraction.

Dental guards are an easy and affordable way to protect teeth. If you need a dental guard fit for sport… or for sleep, just let us know (Contact us at 480-376-1236). We are always happy to help, and we love to make you smile!

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 15-January-2022

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