Meet The Doctor

Dr. Schmidt has been a dentist for over 10 years and it’s a career that suits him well. He likes to fix things! His attention to detail and refined dexterity have been useful compliments to his interest in the science of dentistry. It’s a combination that makes him a great one-of-a-kind type of dentist. Also, Communication is important to Dr. Schmidt. He makes sure that patients understand their own health and why it matters. His attention to detail sets him apart from others, and it makes for really great dental care.

Brandon L. Schmidt grew up in Gilbert and graduated from Highland High School. Being from Gilbert, it’s not hard to imagine that Dr. Schmidt is a family man. He and the lovely Dr. Tara Mattingly-Schmidt met during their dental training in Kentucky. The happy couple is thrilled to welcome their first child in September! The Schmidt’s are excited to have a new practice and a growing family keeping them busy.

Dr. Schmidt and his wife love paddle boarding, camping, going to movies and spending time with family. And if you’ve ever had a good chat with Dr. Schmidt, it’s hard to miss that he’s passionate about cycling! He rides almost every day of the week, training for races all across the state. At home Dr. Schmidt loves fixing things around the house. He even builds his own bicycles!

Brandon Schmidt has been doing dentistry for more than 10 years in Arizona. He routinely seeks additional training in all areas of dentistry. Dr. Schmidt is happy to provide advanced dental procedures such as Endodontics, Implants, and Dental Cosmetics.

“My ideas about dentistry are straightforward: Do what is right, and do it right. I appreciate the opportunity to evaluate and correct dental problems that would otherwise have an effect on people’s lives. Emotional and physical health depend on a healthy mouth. It makes people happy to have a great experience and the dentist, and that really makes me happy! Interacting with patients and staff brings me a lot of joy. I love doing detailed and meticulous tasks, and I could not imagine a better career choice. There’s a lot of value in what a healthy smile can do for a person.”

-Dr. Schmidt

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