Our office is clean, comfortable, and full of exciting new equipment that demonstrates our commitment to keeping up with the latest in dentistry. Enjoy our comfortable lobby and a cool bottle of water while you can because you won’t be waiting long with us! 

In the clinical area, our CBCT 3D scanner (Cone Beam CT) is one of the latest technologies available, providing faster and safer dental procedures. All of our x-rays are digital and greatly decrease radiation exposure compared to the machines of the past. 

We also believe in top-of-the line sterilization equipment! Most dental offices use a steam autoclave to sterilize dirty instruments, but not all of them use a Class B Autoclave. Class B’s are the most advanced, creating deeper steam penetration and using FRESH water with every cleaning cycle! Our autoclave water is used only once to sterilize, then discarded, never moving from one load of instruments to the next. We rest easy at night knowing you’re safe in our office.

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