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To give you the highest quality of care possible, we have embraced the most advanced dental technology. As your local dentist, we want to diagnose you safely and quickly to keep your teeth clean and beautiful.

Our technology will make your appointments safer and more comfortable. Our diagnostic tools work quicker than older technologies, efficiently completing the procedures you need in order to stay healthy.

Some of our favorites are discussed below! Schedule an appointment with us at Parkview Dental in Gilbert to experience safe, high-tech dentistry with a team who cares about your comfort as well as your time.

CBCT Technology

Our CBCT scanner quickly creates a 3D scan of your teeth, jawbones, mouth, ears, nose, throat, and neck. It scans from outside of your mouth to keep you comfortable during the process. Using this technology means we can catch abnormalities and plan oral surgery, implant placement, and endodontic procedures with improved detail and fewer complications.

We view CBCT as the standard of care for implant placement, and we wouldn’t feel comfortable without having it available. CBCT makes implant placement a safer, faster, and more predictable procedure.

Intraoral Cameras

Our intraoral optical cameras are no bigger than a large writing pen. We use them to display color videos and pictures of your mouth on a monitor so that you can see what we see. We love teaching and helping our patients understand their dental health. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

You’ll be able to see details hundreds of times larger than life. We use these images to catch conditions early and treat you before things worsen, meaning more pain and expense to cure.

Digital X-Rays

We’re excited to be an all-digital office! You’ll never have to wait for x-ray film to develop again! Digital is safer, faster, and more comfortable. We display x-ray images on a monitor for you to see almost instantaneously. We love having crisp clear images on the big screen to accurately evaluate your teeth and discuss the results of your exam.

We have your safety in mind. Digital x-rays use only about 20% of the radiation compared to the traditional non-digital systems. Using this digital technology is a must, and it’s just one more layer of safety and protection for our patients!

Digital Ultrasonic Scaler

We use the latest digital ultrasonic scalers to clean teeth more comfortably, and our patients love them! Because the settings can be finely adjusted on a scale from 1–100, we can find the unique, exact setting that you find comfortable for your cleaning. We’ll keep track of that setting in your chart and use it every time you come in so you will always have a comfortable cleaning experience. Just right, every time.

Class B Autoclave

An autoclave provides clean sterile dental instruments through superheated steam and pressure. Our autoclave has the unique distinction of using fresh water for every cleaning cycle! Other older autoclave systems recycle the water that steams your instruments, and this happens cycle after cycle. Although recycled steam isn’t dangerous, we don’t like the sound of it! We love using this latest technology to provide water that is perfectly fresh and new every time we sterilize our instruments.

Digital Communication

automated and manual systems can send you helpful reminders and updates by email and text, if you request it.

We know you’re busy! We think texts are a great convenience because phone calls can be distracting and interrupt your daily activities. You’re also less likely to miss an important reminder when you have a lot going on! We don’t want you to miss anything!

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Please take advantage of these amazing dental technologies! We thoughtfully chose each device to serve our friends and neighbors. We are here to serve Arizona: the East Valley, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Chandler… We are part of an amazing community with sophisticated, exciting, busy people, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards that you should expect from a homegrown, local, modern dental office. We are local. We are modern. We are the best dentist office for you!

We’re excited to share this technology with you. Call Parkview Dental today to get high-tech dental care. Whether you have dental pain, cosmetic needs, or simply need a cleaning, schedule an appointment now.

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