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Parkview – Yes, You May Have “Covid-Teeth”

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When Covid-19 first became a concern, dental offices closed along with many other medical, retail, restaurants and services. After time we learned more about the virus, and dental practices have been allowed to open, with new safety policies and procedures. While we have always had your health and safety as a priority, in our office, you will see we have even more ways to keep you—and our staff—safe and healthy, while still providing the dental care you need.

While coronavirus is still very much a crisis for our community, we have started to see patients—many of whom have not been to a dentist in a year or longer. Some of these people put off needed dental work for too long before they were confined to their homes. And unfortunately, many of these people also drank a little more than they should have, smoked a little more than they should have, did not brush as they should have … and in general did not take care of themselves as much as they should have in the last 10 months to a year.

It is understandable, that in this time of stress and concern, with all the factors of a pandemic affecting us, that we are at the point we are today. No one has been immune. However, for the oral health of our community… we are concerned.

We are beginning to see brave patients—who are often embarrassed from covid teeth —come into our offices for a cleaning, and some fillings, a root canal, etc. Often these were avoidable issues, but now, interventions are necessary, and it can be costly, and uncomfortable. But it is at this point, necessary.

If you have missed a dental appointment in the last year, or if you would just like a good check-up and cleaning—now is the time. Our office is open, and we can ensure you a clean and sanitary environment where all the precautions are being taken to protect you and your family.

No more Covid-Teeth!

Contact Parkview Dental today at 480-376-1236 and schedule your appointment. We look forward to seeing you… AND your fresh, clean and white smile!

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 01-January-2021

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