When to get your Wisdom Teeth Removed

The teeth that grow in as the third molars in the back of your mouth are known as wisdom teeth. You can find a lot of information out there about about when to get your wisdom teeth removed, and when it is safe to not do so. There are a few main reasons to get your wisdom teeth removed. It is normally recommended to take them out early in age, before bones and roots around the teeth are fully developed, but this is not always the case.

Wisdom Teeth are Causing Other Teeth to Shift

As teeth grow and change in young adulthood, wisdom teeth growing in may cause teeth to shift as they erupt. This is caused by crowding in the mouth with other teeth. This can not only cause a smile that isn’t straight, but it can also cause alignment problem. These issues can lead to teeth grinding, jaw pain, and further issues.

Teeth Are Not Fully Erupted

If wisdom teeth remain impacted, meaning they do not come down out of the gums, this can lead to other problems. It may cause an infection, it can create severe pain in the jaw and mouth, and it may also create a cysts that can cause damage to the bone or to the roots. The teeth may also come in only partially, which can create areas where brushing and regular teeth care cant reach or keep clean. If only some wisdom teeth erupt, and others don't, there is always the option to get some removed and leave others. These teeth may come down (erupt) later on in life and they can be taken care or them. Your dentist may also make the decision to take out the impacted tooth at the same time, but this depends on the case and other various factors relating to your dental history.

The Teeth Are Causing Bigger Issues

Keeping wisdom teeth in your mouth is not always a good idea. Aside from causing the teeth to shift, there are even larger issues that may occur. Wisdom teeth that do not have enough room, are infected, or other specific problems may not only create issues in the mouth and gums. These issues can also travel to the sinus area and do more extensive damage. It is important to get your wisdom teeth checked and taken care of before these bigger issues occur.

Reasons Why They Don't Need To Be Removed

Your wisdom teeth may not need to be removed for the following reasons:
  • They are healthy and staying that way
  • They are completely grown in/erupted
  • Wisdom Teeth are positioned correctly and biting like are supposed to with the other teeth
  • As long as they are able to cleaned with normal brushing and flossing
It is always important to have open conversations with your dentist about when to get your wisdom teeth removed, and whether doing so or keeping them would be the best option. Feel free to contact us or make an appointment when you are ready to get your wisdom teeth removed.

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 23-October-2022

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