Getting The Most From Your Toothpaste Tube

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A tube of toothpaste can last a very long time. So how can you get the most from your tube? Here are a few tips:

Squeeze from the Bottom

Squeezing the tube from the bottom will help keep the toothpaste tube consistent and easy to use. As you use the toothpaste, flatten the bottom of the tube so that all toothpaste is used.

Don’t Touch the Toothbrush to the Tube Top

The toothbrush bristles may contain germs, and you do not want to contaminate the toothpaste (especially if you share a tube with a loved one). When putting the toothpaste onto the toothbrush, let the pea-size “drop” of toothpaste fall onto your brush, or twist it off, without letting it touch the bristle, then let the little bit of toothpaste “suck” back into the tube.

Keep the Tube Top and Lid Clean

Toothpaste can easily get globed onto the lid and tube top. This sticky and dry toothpaste can then pick up germs. Be good to yourself and your health, and wipe off the tube top with a clean tissue if it starts to cake around the top. If you can’t get the lid on, you can soak it in warm water and then air dry it before twisting it back on.

Consider Recycling the Toothpaste Tubes

Generally, you can’t put the tube into the recycle bin at home, however, you can mail them to a specialized recycling center through a program from Colgate and TerraCycle. The recycling program accepts brushes, tubes, and other dental care products. We recommend saving up a few months and then packaging these together once or twice a year.

If you have questions on how to care for your toothpaste, floss, mouth rinse or toothpaste we are always here for questions. Comment below or ask us during your next regular dental exam.

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 27-April-2020

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