Dental Implants

Gilbert, AZ

Dental implants offer an incredible solution for patients who meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Do you have missing teeth that significantly affect your oral health and appearance?
  2. Are you looking for the highest level of stability for your dentures or bridges, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit that closely resembles natural teeth?
  3. Are you scheduled for a tooth extraction? This presents an ideal opportunity to seamlessly replace the extracted tooth with a long-lasting implant.

Having a missing tooth or teeth not only disrupts your quality of life but also hinders your ability to enjoy your favorite foods and poses a potential risk for infections. By opting for dental implants, you can regain your confidence, restore proper oral function, and preserve your long-term oral health.

Dental Implants In Gilbert, AZ

A dental implant is a highly durable and biocompatible replacement tooth root made of titanium, which ensures long-lasting stability and functionality. Once meticulously placed in your jaw through a surgical procedure, the implant not only replicates the natural tooth root but also promotes bone growth and strengthens the jaw structure over time. This process, known as osseointegration, allows the implant to fuse with the surrounding bone, providing a solid foundation for a new tooth crown or providing support for dentures or bridges.

The implant procedure, when performed correctly, typically involves a series of appointments to ensure precise placement and optimal healing. These appointments generally include the following steps:

  • Examination: After examining your oral health, we’ll use advanced diagnostic technology, such as 3D CBCT or digital x-rays, to be sure your jawbone can support an implant. These images will also help us plan the surgery.
  • Implant surgery: During this procedure, you will require local anesthesia to remain comfortable. Some patients prefer sedation, but the jawbone doesn’t have the same type of nerve endings that cause tooth pain, so the procedure is relatively relaxed. Once you are comfortably numb, we’ll place your dental implant in the ideal position.
  • Recovery: We’ll give you several weeks to let your jawbone grow around your implants, creating a stable, secure base for crowns, dentures, or bridges.
  • Restoration: Once the jawbone has healed and fused to the implant, you’ll come in and get a customized tooth crown or appliance attached to your implants. We’ll work to ensure they look and feel just right with your other teeth.

Dr. Schmidt prefers that this entire process happens entirely within our office whenever possible. Rarely would you have to go to another office for any part of it or deal with the frustration of juggling appointments at various offices.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Getting a beautiful, restored smile with implants in Gilbert, AZ has many benefits, including:

  • Security: Your tooth restorations are as secure as natural teeth, never moving, shifting, or clicking.
  • Functionality: Many patients can eat and speak normally with implants. They don’t notice any difference.
  • Easy maintenance: Implants are as easy to clean as natural teeth. You should be able to floss and brush them like normal teeth.
  • Feels natural: Unlike gum-mounted dentures, implants offer a secure hold, ensuring enhanced stability for patients seeking an alternative to traditional options.
  • Aesthetics: Dental implants not only offer superior functionality but also deliver impeccable aesthetics. With restored teeth that look just as natural as the real ones, you can confidently flaunt a radiant smile.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate dental implants into your smile, making them an integral and comfortable part of your everyday life. Rest assured, you’ll experience unparalleled comfort and security with our state-of-the-art implant solutions.

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