Oral Conscious Sedation

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Sedation dentistry has been around a long time, however advances in healthcare now allow your dentist to provide several options including oral conscious sedation. Your dentist will determine the best type of sedation for you and prior to your procedure and give you sedative medication (usually in pill form) about an hour before your procedure begins.

Who Chooses Oral Conscious Sedation?

The goal of oral sedation is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed before and during your dental treatment. You will start to feel drowsy, and the medicine will allow the doctor to perform dental treatments on you without pain or anxiety.

How is Oral Conscious Sedation Different?

Oral Conscious Sedation is different than nitrous oxide (the traditional way to sedate a dental patient). With nitrous oxide, the dentist will place a mask over your nose and then a machine will be used to administer a specific dose of this nitrous oxide, and oxygen to you. As you breathe in, the sedative will take effect nearly immediately. When you take the Oral sedation pill, you will digest the pill a little before your appointment and as you digest it, the medicine will start to make you feel less anxious.

What Else Does It Do?

Oral sedation decreases anxiety, suppresses the gag reflex, reduces pain and more. Conscious oral sedation usually lasts between 2 and 8 hours.

Are There Other Options?

Conscious Oral Sedation is generally the easiest way for most patients to reduce pain and anxiety for dental procedures, however, IV sedation is used for certain situations and is more efficient. Additionally, IV sedation does not last as long and is very safe.

Conscious Oral Sedation is a fast, effective, and easy way to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort during dental procedures. If you are facing oral surgery or procedure, please contact us today to discuss the best sedation option for you.

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 15-June-2022

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