The Truth About Dental Implants

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The use of dental implants is a simple technique, although good preparation is needed. Thanks to implantology, lost teeth can be recovered, and their natural attraction restored to the mouth. However, some myths revolve around this treatment that must be clarified. This is the truth about the use of implants.

Dental implants do not produce allergies

Dental implants are made from titanium, which is a biocompatible material. This means that the human body absorbs it easily, and there is no rejection or allergies. It could happen that the implant does not integrate properly into the bone, either due to technical problems or due to certain conditions of a patient. For example, poor dental hygiene habits or tobacco use can cause the implant not to integrate into the mouth as it should.

Dental implants are not just for the elderly who have lost teeth

Implantology can be used from the moment the jawbones have stopped developing, which is around the age of 18. From that moment, implants can be placed to anyone who has lost one or more teeth, as long as they do not have any dental disease that requires treatment. It is also important that proper guidelines for cleaning and caring for the teeth are followed.

It does not take a certain amount of bone to place implants

Nowadays having little bone is not a problem. Bone, natural or synthetic, can be grafted to achieve the surface that allows the implant to be placed. There are various materials with which to prepare the bone and create suitable support. The use of any of them will depend on each case.

Treatment is not painful or prolonged

Dental implants may be placed with one of many sedation options, making the procedure itself as comfortable as possible. After this, as long as the dentist’s instructions are followed, the recovery does not cause too much pain. The duration of the intervention depends on whether you only have to place an implant or if something else is needed, such as increasing the supporting bone. The time it takes for the implants to fully integrate and be able to place the final teeth is a few months. In certain conditions, the same day of the procedure, a provisional prosthesis can be used to regain aesthetics.

An implant is forever

Dental implants need proper care. Otherwise, there can be complications and they last much less than expected. Hygiene of the entire mouth, as well as undergoing regular checks is very important. If this is not done, a dental implant can become infected or cause serious infection. If these problems are not detected in time and measures such as dental prophylaxis are taken, the implant can last for a very short time. On the other hand, if you avoid certain habits such as tobacco and visit the dentist to check the status of your teeth at least every 6 months, you can enjoy a full mouth for many years, even a lifetime.

Dental implants cannot be put in by any dentist

To place implants, it is necessary to have specific training. It also requires a lot of practice and precision, a good knowledge base to be able to plan each procedure while taking into account the data from the radiological study that will have been done previously. This is the only way to know the type of treatment that must be done, in addition to preventing the risks that may arise.

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Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 15-June-2020

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