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Many parents wonder when is the best time to take their children to the dentist for the first time. As a family dental practice, we recommend you take your child as soon as the cut their first tooth! Now you may ask, “why so early?” and the answer is simple… we want your child—all children—to see that visiting the dentist regularly is a simple and important thing to do. If parents are afraid of the dentist, often children are too. These kids are not taken to the dentist, often until they have a significant problem with a broken tooth or decay.

So, what happens at baby visits?

For very young children visits are very short. We will have the child sit on a parent’s lap and we will check the mouth structure and the incoming teeth. We will show the parent how to clean the child’s mouth and teeth gently and what they can expect as new teeth erupt.

The dental office does not have to be a scary place for kids. Normalizing regular visits and dental care will help to ensure healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Other special concerns/needs?

We understand that many children have other challenges with things like new experiences, loud noises, or new people. Anxious or autistic patients are welcome at our practice as well as anyone else. Just let our receptionist know when you make your appointment if any accommodations or preparations are necessary to make your visit successful and we will work with you to do our best.

Family practice means just that. We are here for your whole family. We look forward to seeing those smiles soon. Make an appointment today and visit the dental team at Parkview.

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 15-July-2021

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