Is Oral Surgery In Your Future?

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Suffice to say, no one wants oral surgery. However, sometimes life necessitates it. Fortunately, advances in dental care and technology make oral surgery easier, less painful, and more successful than ever before.

When a natural tooth must be removed and/or replaced, the team at Parkview will work quickly to extract it as painlessly as possible. Wisdom teeth removal is an example of oral surgery, however, it can be needed for other reasons as well, such as extensive decay or an accident. In these cases, it is important to see a skilled, professional dental team with surgical expertise as quickly as possible.

Here are the four most common reasons for dental surgery:


Even small accidents can cause significant damage to a tooth–especially if it has been weakened by decay. If the tooth cannot be saved, extracting it is the best option.


If a tooth cannot grow in due to the space, or if it gets caught under another tooth of bone, then it is considered to be impacted. We see this a lot with wisdom teeth – usually in patients around age 20-24. For impactions, we offer sedation (anesthesia) and the process usually lasts just a few moments.

Decay and Infections:

Severe decay and infections will break down a tooth and require extraction to prevent the spread and allow for a replacement tooth (implant, bridge, denture) to be installed.


Sometimes teeth can be crowded and push other teeth out of alignment. Extraction in this case most often happens for children getting adult teeth whose mouths have not gotten big enough yet for these adult size teeth or if the baby teeth are being stubborn and won’t come out in time.

Oral surgery is not a lot of fun, however, it does relieve these problems before they can get worse. We will work with you to provide you the best care and offer you the best pain relief options. Contact Parkview Dental today for personalized, compassionate care!

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 01-August-2021

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