Have Your Cake… And A Great Smile Too

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Avoiding sugar and sticky candy makes good sense for tooth health. But other foods can damage your teeth as well. A common way to preserve or prepare food is through what is called “processing”. A Processed food may have a bad reputation, however, at its core, “processed food” just means that it has been altered by freezing, canning, baking or drying. Not all processed foods are unhealthy! In fact, some foods need to be processed to be safe, such as milk. However, some processed foods are less healthy—and some processed foods are especially bad for teeth.

Many foods contain types of starchy carbohydrates, and the amount of processed starch someone consumes does have a direct correlation between the total amount of starch eaten and tooth decay. Also, the more a food is processed, matters. For example, the more processed forms of starch increases the risk of cavities. This is because they can be broken down into sugar in the mouth.

Common processed foods that can cause tooth health issues include breakfast cereals, slices of bread, muffins, cakes, crackers and biscuits. These high starch foods can easily become stuck to teeth which means the teeth are exposed to sugar for a longer period of time than other foods.

So, should you avoid processed foods? No—of course not. In fact, it would be difficult for many people. But what you can do is understand what is going on in your mouth when you enjoy a tasty bagel or delicious cracker… and you can do something very simple. Drink water and brush after meals. That’s it! Our secret to good teeth health.
Are you looking for other simple ways you can positively affect your oral and teeth health? Check out some more of our blogs for tips and advice from our dental team.

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 15-April-2022

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