How Smoking Affects Your Teeth

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It is commonly understood that smoking is bad for you. And we have all heard of “smoker’s breath” or “smoker’s teeth”. Yet did you know that smoking can also lead to gum disease? And gum disease causes tooth loss. People who smoke can produce bacterial plaque, which leads to gum disease. This is because smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, which affects the gums and inhibits their ability to heal. Smoking also causes more dental plaque which leads to gum disease and can get worse more quickly than in non-smokers.

Quitting smoking is difficult for many reasons, however the benefits cannot be denied. In addition to bad breath, yellowed teeth, and gum disease and tooth loss. Smoking can cause a delayed healing process after surgery or injury. This includes oral surgery, tooth extraction and periodontal treatment. In addition, smokers have a much lower success rate when it comes to dental implant procedures. Worst of all, smoking increase the risk of cancer, especially oral cancer.

If you are ready to quit smoking and are looking for resources, check out this site from the CDC, and talk to your doctor. There are now many medicines and therapies to assist with quitting smoking, and you do not need to do it alone.

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Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 01-April-2022

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