How To Find A Great Dentist – Top 5 Tips

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Reviews and Reputation

Before going to a new dentist, do your due diligence. Ask friends and family for recommendations and check reviews online.

Photos and Videos

When doing your research, be sure to check out the photos and videos of the practice online. Does the office look clean and well-cared for? Does the practice include photos of the dentist(s) and staff? You are not necessarily looking for the most well-decorated, or even most professionally marketed office. But you should get a sense for the office, how big the practice is, and what kind of effort they are putting into creating a safe and inviting environment.

Happy and Well-Trained Staff

When you call the office, are the staff friendly and helpful? Are your emails returned quickly? Are you attended to quickly? How you are treated by everyone matters.

Technology – Updates

Through the images, the website, and the referrals, you should be able to discern if the practice has invested in new technology. Dental technology has improved dramatically in the last several years. While the basic practice of dentistry remains the same, innovations in things like implants and dentures could benefit you. So, do not be afraid to ask!


Next to professionalism and competence, the biggest deciding factor for choosing a dental practice is to look for a human connection. When you go to the dentist, you are trusting people to care for you. Does the dentist truly care? Are the hygienists thorough and friendly? Do they care for you the way you need to be treated?

Choosing a dentist is a serious choice—but with some homework and a few careful questions, you can find the best dental practice for you.

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 15-March-2021

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