Sedation Dentistry

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Anxiety is common–especially when it comes to going to the dentist. However, there is no reason patients have to be concerned about a dental visit, especially now that we have safe and proven methods for sedation dentistry. Our staff is trained and compassionate to your needs. If you have questions or require sedation at any level, please just let us know. We have options!

Sedation dentistry is offered in various amounts of strength and effect. At Parkview, we will consider your specific need, preference, general health, and any medications you are taking to determine the correct treatment for you. Each situation and each patient is different. Some people prefer just a little “relaxation” and others would like not to remember anything!

Sedation dentistry is most commonly used when a patient is receiving oral surgery such as root canals, or implants. We often use laughing gas for extractions, especially for wisdom teeth. Scaling and other deep cleanings can sometimes be bothersome due to the time it takes to complete the process and for this sedation can also be utilized. And low levels of sedation can even be used for routine visits for our most anxious patients. Seeing the dentist and receiving proper and important dental care does not need to be the cause of anxiety!

Many of our patients choose our practice specifically because of the whole-patient approach we use when choosing the right sedation for our patients. We want to make sure that your treatment matches your needs and can come in the form of prescription oral sedatives, or laughing gas.

For more information on sedation dentistry, and to see if it is right for you or a loved one, please contact our office at 480.771.0287.

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 15-April-2021

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