The Teeth-Heart Connection

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Did you know there is a direct connection between your teeth and your heart?

Gum disease (known as periodontitis) is associated with the increased risk of developing heart disease. Unfortunately, people with gum disease, have a greater risk of major cardiovascular events as well, such as heart attacks and strokes. Studies have shown that gum disease leads to increased arterial inflammation, and this is responsible for cardiovascular events.

It is a serious problem to have advanced gum disease, but it affects much more of your health than you might have known.

So, what is Gum Diseases?

Gum disease is a serious infection of the soft tissues that surround the teeth. Without treatment, the infection of gum diseases can cause bone destruction in the jaw which causes the teeth to break and fall out. Bacteria in dental plaque, (we also call this tartar), cause gum disease by starting an inflammatory response in your gums that steadily erodes soft tissue and bone.(Which is why we are always reminding you to brush below the gum line!)

In the early stages of the periodontitis, (called gingivitis), the gums become swollen and red and may bleed. Perhaps this has happened to you. But without treatment, the gums may start to recede from the teeth. This then leads to bone loss, and the teeth can loosen or fall out.

Using a soft toothbrush to brush twice a day helps prevent the buildup of plaque. It makes your mouth fresh and clean and will reduce the chances of gum diseases. And of course, don’t forget to floss and visit us regularly. Regular dental exams and cleanings twice a year also can remove plaque that has built up below the gumline.

For more information about gum diseases and the teeth-heart connection, feel free to reach out to us at 480-771-0287. We always love to talk to our patients – and future patients.

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 15-February-2022

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