When You Need A Dentist Now

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If you have a dental emergency, you can be assured that we’re committed to helping you and resolving the problem quickly. We will use advanced imaging technology, and our years of experience to quickly map the problem, develop a solution, and treat you immediately.

The most common dental emergency we see are Root Canals. Root Canals are an infection inside a tooth can be very painful. Endodontics is the solution, and we can take an image of the pulp in the canal to see what is going on inside your tooth. When we perform a root canal procedure to clean out the infection, it can also be done the same day. We don’t want you leaving our office without relief!


The best prevention after daily brushing and flossing is regular exams and cleanings. During your twice-yearly exam, we will check for signs of any problems with your teeth or gums. If we find any, we’ll provide you the option of having it treated on the same day as get you back to work or home as quickly as possible.

Dental appointments do not need to be inconvenient:

We can also help you if you need a same-day treatment because you have a child with you, (or are bringing your child in for their appointment). There is no worry about pulling them from school a second time. We are parents and we understand that these things are better dealt with right away.

The same is true if you have taken time off from your job for an appointment. We will get you in, teeth cleaned, and treated as necessary so you can get you back to your work without making you take another day off.

But most of all, if you are in pain, you deserve immediate relief from pain:

We will quickly diagnose you and provide the treatment you need. To us, “same-day treatment” means that you do not have to worry about coming and going from the dentist and you can get back to doing what you do best.

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Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 01-February-2022

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